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22 Sep 2023 / London, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris

Binx Walton • British Vogue July 2023

At deadline there are a little more than a dozen hours of summer remaining, which is plenty of time to savour this story starring Binx Walton from the July 2023 issue of British Vogue. The autumnal equinox, which in the northern hemisphere occurs in September, day and night are roughly equal. Photographed by Dan Martensen in the municipality of Deià in the coastal village of Serra de Tramuntana of Spain’s Mallorca, this story is the very embodiment of summer’s long days. The 12-page editorial radiates practical glamour, which imbue all that Binx wears styled by Clare Richardson. With a pick axe slung over her shoulder, Binx is unhurried in her welcome of readers to the story wearing a wool crocheted tank dress and top by Chloé. The rest is idyllic, a keyhole into a closing summer...

Credits include: Publication, British Vogue July 2023; Title, “Out of This World”; Photography, Dan Martensen; Styling, Clare Richardson; Hair, David Harborow; Makeup, Lisa Houghton; Set design, Cristina Ramos; Casting, Rosie Vogel.