16 Oct 2023 / London, New York, Paris, Madrid

Lara Menezes • AnOther Magazine Autumn Winter 2023

Blue Velvet (1986) has no shortage of arresting moments, but few stand out quite like the inclusion of Roy Orbison’s song “In Dreams.” Actor Dean Stockwell’s character Ben performs the 1963 hit played off a cassette tape controlled by Dennis Hopper’s Frank. It’s a hypnotic passage cut abruptly short when Frank ejects the tape in order to get on with an ensuing joy ride. Orbison apparently hated the film on first viewing, but eventually came around to recognize its beauty.

Nearly 40 years later, it’s the beauty of that moment that serves as the point of departure for story running in the latest AnOther Magazine featuring Lara Menezes. Photographed this summer in Lisbon, the editorial by photographer Robi Rodriguez and stylist Raphael Hirsch celebrates connection, both breezy and taut. There’s a latent tension through the pictures, which at times can be transfixing. Lara holds her hand to forehead (pictured) wearing a blouse in satin with lavallière detail by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, skirt in silk by David Koma, and trouser in leather by Stella Mccartney. If Lara feels any strain, she doesn’t betray it, she’s looks like the stuff of dreams.

Credits include: Publication, AnOther Magazine Nº45 Autumn Winter 2023; Title, “In dreams I walk with you / In dreams I talk with you / In dreams you’re mine”; Photography, Robi Rodriguez; Styling Raphael Hirsch; Hair, Ryo Narushima; Makeup Julia Krämer; Casting Mollie Dendle.