Princess Noor Pahlavi
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Princess Noor graduated from Bullis School in Maryland, going on to study a degree in psychology at Georgetown University. Now holding an MBA from Columbia University, she currently works as an adviser at Acumen, a global non-profit impact investment company.

She has been a vocal feminist and women's health advocate, previously calling out the demand for women to dress "modestly" and highlighting the power of her mother's open discussion of her breast cancer diagnosis.The multilingual model and activist is known to

read nonfiction, including Elon Musk's biography, journals of neuroscience and fictional epics like Les Misérables. She has a talent for painting thanks to her grandmother, who she used to watch paint watercolor bookmarks, and give them to her and her two sisters.

She also loves her dog, a King Charles Cavalier, and promotes the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs center. Noor travels between Europe, New York and The Hamptons.