Jeauni Cassanova
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Jeauni Cassanova, the self-proclaimed "look of love," stands as a NYC mixed-media artist whose visions materialize through the embodiment of romance and fantasy. As a former dancer and a current formidable force in fashion and style, Jeauni's inclination towards escapism manifests in intricate storytelling, meticulously curated ensembles, and expressive body movements. Infused with whimsy and attention to detail, Jeauni draws inspiration from moments of yesteryear and the present, establishing an enigmatic presence appreciated by industry leaders, artists, and supporters alike. Hailing from outside Manhattan, Jeauni attributes city life for exposure to all things fabulously extraordinary, complemented by worldly travels that have positioned Jeauni as a trusted and exciting authority in fashion, beauty, art, and lifestyle. Life experiences have endowed Jeauni with a refined, lighthearted, and at times comical perspective, resulting in features in esteemed publications such as Vogue, Paper, and Fashion Canada. Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Christopher John Rogers, Adidas, Doc Martens, MILK Makeup, Valentino Beauty, and others have cast their gaze upon Jeauni, recognizing the artist's "creative kiss" that unfolds seamlessly across the spectrum of self-portraits, photography, creative direction, modeling, content creation, styling, and musings.