Angelo Spinetta
height 184cm
height 184cm
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Angelo Mutti Spinetta, born 23 November 2000 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a prominent Argentine film and theatre actor. He is the son of actor Nahuel Mutti and visual artist, actress and DJ Catarina Spinetta. On his mother's side, he is the grandson of the iconic musician Luis Alberto Spinetta, and nephew of the talented musician Dante Spinetta, the renowned actress Vera Spinetta and Valentino Spinetta. Angelo has two brothers: Benicio Mutti Spinetta, also an actor and musician, and Justino Mutti Spinetta.

With a decade of experience in the field, Angelo made his film debut as a child, under the direction of Santiago Giralt. He has built a solid career in independent cinema, participating in films such as "Mi mejor amigo", "Un viaje a la Luna" and "El bosque de los perros". Recently, she has ventured into the world of streaming with her participation in the series "Barrabrava", directed by Jesús Braceras and available on Prime Video.

In addition to his acting career, Angelo stands out for his versatility and multifaceted talent. He dreams of playing a wide range of characters from drama to comedy, and also aspires to take his music to Berlin's electronic scene. With an ever-evolving career, Angelo Mutti Spinetta is an artist charting his own path in the world of entertainment.