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05 Jan 2024 / London, Milan, New York, Paris

Sascha Alexandra • Dust Nº24 Spring Summer 2024

Sascha Alexandra claims her fifth career magazine cover for the Spring Summer 2024 edition of Dust by photographer Thue Nørgaard and stylist Ellie Grace Cumming. For this 24th issue of the Berlin-based biannual, the editorial board has borrowed the term “neo-idealism” from foreign policy quarters in order to strike an optimistic note in otherwise troubling times. Accordingly, neo-idealism “addresses a generational need for common ground amidst the weight of global events, a heightened state of confusion, and the extreme polarization of narratives that have turned even the most fundamental aspects of reality into sources of disagreement.” Where there is no disagreement is in the composition and casting of this cover, which features Sascha sat at an unset restaurant table wearing a Radiance Convertible short down jack by Moncler + Rick Owens. The possibility contained herein is tantalizing, if not for the subject, but also readers and possibly the world.

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Credits include: Publication, Dust Nº24 Spring Summer 2024; Photography, Thue Nørgaard; Styling, Ellie Grace C umming; Hair, Shingo Shibata; Makeup, Kanako Takase; Casting, Jess Hallett.