27 Nov 2023 / London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris

Abbey Ries & Margaret Self • Skims Winter 2023

Skims is nothing if not ambitious. This quarter alone has seen Kim Kardashian’s juggernaut plow into the menswear market, partner with the National Basketball Association, and manufacture the nipple. Heady times surely, but a holiday campaign is not to be slept on! Enter Abbey Ries and Margaret Self, co-stars in the Skims Winter 2023 advertising campaign by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen. The founder splashed with the announcement earlier this month and now the supporting components have come into place to reveal the alpine collection in full pomp. The creative treatment hearkens to a bygone era when glaciers were frozen and ski bunnies were anything but. Abbey and Margaret for their part bring the heat to make this an icy hot affair.

Credits include: Client, Skims; Creative direction, Kim Kardashian; Photography, Nadia Lee Cohen; Styling, Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo; Hair, Jake Gallagher; Makeup, Lilly Keys Westbrook; Manicure, Yoko Sakakura.