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12 Oct 2023 / London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris

Nyawurh Chuol • United Colors of Benetton Fall Winter 2023-2024

Infinity has been contemplated since antiquity by philosophers, but it wasn’t until the 17th century that mathematicians got in on the action. Infinitesimal calculus has since held sway until, that is, the latest advertising campaign from United Colors of Benetton featuring Nyawurh Chuol. Infinity is the controlling theme for the campaign by Giampaolo Sgura and Jacob K and the possibilities certainly don’t disappoint. Isaac Newton...Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz...Nyawwurh Chuol.

Credits include: Client, United Colors of Benetton; Campaign, Fall Winter 2023-2024; Creative direction, Andrea Incontri; Photography, Giampaolo Sgura; Styling, Jacob K; Hair, Franco Gobbi; Makeup, Luca Cianciolo; Casting, Barbara Nicoli.