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29 Sep 2023 / London, Milan, New York, Paris

Elio Berenett • Self Service Nº59 Fall Winter 2023

Language evolves. Moreover, meaning is not in fact immutable. Where else would a generational divide around a word, say, “literally” emerge? Literally nowhere! The latest edition of Self Service borrows its editorial titles from the lexicon of youth, e.g., “Y’ALL ATE” by David Sims featuring Elio Berenett. And just what did they eat? Ask anyone born this century or simply understand “ate” signifies accomplishment, which in this case is a sprawling story photographed in late spring in Marseille. The achievement evidenced over the many pages is no accident, it’s a connection between photographer and subject built up over several shoots including a Louis Vuitton campaign and editorials running in British Vogue, i-D, and Document Journal. Here that understanding is given full expression on the rocky outcroppings of the France’s oldest city. Wearing a Saint Laurent jacket overtop a T-shirt and necklace pulled from stylist Emmanuelle Alt’s closet, Elio doffs a Ralph Lauren hat and peers into the camera. It’s a knowing look, Elio and co certainly ate!

Credits include: Publication, Self Service Nº59 Fall Winter 2023, The Legendary Issue; Title, “Y’ALL ATE”; Photography, David Sims; Styling, Emmanuelle Alt; Editor-in-chief, Ezra Petronio; Hair, Duffy; Production, Erin Fee Productions; Casting, Erin Fee.