Connie Constance
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The Watford-born 27-year-old has remained laser focussed on putting out music that fits how she sees the world rather than how the world sees her. She takes her place among rising alternative black girls from WILLOW to Nova Twins who have proved that natural hair and underground sounds don’t make you too niche. Her new album, Miss Power, is both nostalgic and zeitgeist, imbued with powerful drums, playful guitar riffs, and anthemic feminist rage via playful lyricism. Over the last few years she’s had to make bold moves like leaving major labels behind to carve her own path. She spent the last two years releasing on her independent label Jump The Fence and has now signed with indie label PIAS, she has been busy creating create indie pop tracks infused with punk and soul that feel true to her riotous roots. Most recently, she released a feature on ‘Heaven Takes You Home’ along with Swedish House Mafia, with a chimed-filled, toned-down reconstruction that provides an entirely fresh perspective to Connie Constance’s already flawless vocals. Connie is a rising star in the British and Global fashion arena having worked with brands including GUCCI, Miu Miu, Prada, GANT, Mulberry, Depop and more.