Donna Fumoso - Makeup

New York born make-up artist Donna Fumoso is based in Manhattan, where she is an established make-up artist and a hair stylist. Her widely published works have been with major photographers, models, designers, TV programs and celebrities. Donna Fumoso has been heavily involved in various fashion related work in Asia, South- and Central America and Europe. Her collaboration with Yue Sai Kan brought her to China for many years. She consulted and trained girls for Ms. Kan´s cosmetic company, now co-partners with Loreal. 

She has written make-up columns for Croatian fashion magazine Kult and has her own bridal jewelry line; Sposa Gioielli Inc.

Her keen eye on fashion, her agility and integrity all make her a very sought after make-up artist and has brought her work on the covers of the major fashion magazines. Most of her domestic and international clients are for magazines, television and numerous celebrities.